When you’re playing slots or sitting down at a blackjack table at one of LuckyCola’s premier casino resorts, the last thing you want is to have to wait around for funds to clear before you can place your next bet. That’s why LuckyCola Casinos offer some of the quickest and most convenient payment solutions, allowing you get to back in the action faster.

Here’s an overview of the fastest ways to fund your entertainment budget at a LuckyCola Casino:

Instant Kiosk Cash Out The most immediate cash access can be found at the specialty ticket redemption kiosks available exclusively at LuckyCola properties. Simply scan your rewards card, select the amount you’d like to cash out, confirm your request, and the funds will be instantly dispensed – no waiting required. With over 100 kiosk locations spread across every LuckyCola Casino floor, there’s always one close by when you need quick cash access.

FlashPay Digital Wallet By preloading the LuckyCola FlashPay digital wallet app with funds and connecting it to your resort account, you’ll be able to digitally transmit payment information directly from your smartphone or smartwatch in just seconds. Use FlashPay for seamless charges at resort point-of-sale locations from hotel check-in to restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, and more.

Instant Bank Transfers Don’t have your bank card on you? No problem! LuckyCola allows registered guests to instantly connect external checking accounts and initiate real-time transfers directly to their resort spending account. Once linked, bank account funds are playable throughout the resort within minutes – it’s almost as fast as bringing cash.

When every second counts during your action-packed LuckyCola Casino getaway, you can now cash in a flash thanks to these ultra-fast payment innovations specially designed to keep you in the fun. Contact any LuckyCola associate to learn more about utilizing instant kiosks, FlashPay, instant bank transfers and more to access your money quicker during your next visit!

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