Online casino games have been around for many years and are only growing in popularity. The chance to win big at a casino game is a major draw for many players, and progressive jackpots offer even more incentive for 747 Live Casino players to keep playing. These jackpots increase in value the more players play the game, often reaching into the millions of dollars. But what is the role of progressives in online casino games? How do they encourage players to keep playing and what impact do they have on the overall gaming experience?

The Role of Progressives

The first thing to understand about progressives is how they work. In online casino games with progressive jackpots, a portion of each player’s bet is added to a prize pool. As more players play the game and make bets, the prize pool grows larger and larger. Eventually, one lucky player will win the entire prize pool, which can sometimes be worth millions of dollars.

The allure of winning such a massive amount of money is what drives many players to continue playing online casino games. Even if they don’t win the progressive jackpot, they can still have fun playing the game and trying to win smaller prizes.

Encouraging Players to Keep Playing

One of the main advantages of progressives is that they encourage players to keep playing. Players may continue to play a game even after they have already won some money, hoping to hit the big jackpot. This can be good for both the player and the online casino. The player has a chance to win a large sum of money, while the online casino continues to generate revenue from the game.

Additionally, online casinos often offer promotions and bonuses to players who play progressive games. For example, a casino might offer a bonus to players who make a certain number of bets on a particular game. These bonuses can also encourage players to keep playing, even if they haven’t won a big prize.

Impact on the Gaming Experience

The role of progressives in online casino games is not just about winning money. They can also have a significant impact on the gaming experience. When players see the jackpot getting larger and larger, it creates a sense of excitement and anticipation. They know that at any moment, someone could win the entire prize pool and become an instant millionaire. This excitement can make the game more fun to play, even if the player doesn’t win the jackpot.


Progressive jackpots are a key feature of many online casino games. They can encourage players to keep playing, offer a chance to win large sums of money, and create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

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