Don Johnson’s incredible gambling run in Atlantic City is widely known in the hawkplay casino industry. In 2011, Johnson, a professional gambler and businessman, achieved an extraordinary feat by winning a staggering $15 million from several Atlantic City casinos over a six-month period.

Unlike many gamblers, Johnson didn’t rely solely on luck. Instead, he employed a strategic approach and negotiated special conditions with the casinos, which significantly tilted the odds in his favor. Johnson’s remarkable success was based on a combination of factors, including his expertise in blackjack, shrewd decision-making, and favorable rule variations that he secured from the casinos.

One of the critical aspects of Johnson’s strategy was targeting blackjack, a game with a relatively low house edge, and using his extensive knowledge to exploit advantageous rules. He negotiated with the casinos to increase the betting limits and alter the standard rules in his favor. For instance, he requested the casinos to deal the cards from a six-deck shoe instead of eight, to allow him to split pairs up to four times, and to pay a 3-to-2 ratio on blackjack instead of the standard 6-to-5 ratio.

Furthermore, Johnson utilized a team of skilled card counters, who discreetly kept track of the cards being played. This information allowed them to adjust their betting and playing decisions accordingly, giving them a substantial edge over the casino. However, it’s important to note that card counting is not illegal but is generally frowned upon by casinos, and they have the right to refuse service to anyone they suspect of employing this technique.

Johnson’s winning streak began in late 2010 and extended into 2011. He targeted multiple casinos in Atlantic City, including the Tropicana, Borgata, and Caesars. At the Tropicana alone, he won around $6 million in a single night. His successful run not only made headlines but also had a significant impact on the financial performance of these casinos, prompting some of them to alter their rules and betting limits in response.

While Johnson’s achievement was exceptional, it’s worth noting that such wins are extremely rare and require a unique combination of skill, favorable circumstances, and negotiation. The majority of gamblers do not have the same level of success and often end up losing money in casinos.

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